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Delegating Leadership and Its Effect in the Workplace

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Good leadership reflects on how a unit of people moves towards a certain goal. Leaders should be able to act and help employees in maximizing their individual potential. In turn, this improves the team and makes them more efficient overall. 

The delegation of responsibilities and tasks is imperative to the effectiveness of a team. Resources on the web, such as online courses and programs, would help achieve this soft skill. According to a Gallup study, companies managed by CEOs who were strong delegators obtained a higher overall growth rate.

Here are the effects of proper delegation in leadership:


A leader must understand that they aren’t a one-man team; they cannot fulfill everything in a day. Instead, a leader must learn to trust team members and delegate tasks to them, which can benefit both your own workload and the associates under you.

Saves Time

Good time management should be a priority of any organization. A leader is able to be strategic when assigning specific tasks to people, taking into consideration the time it takes and the abilities needed for that work. Strive for overall productivity as a result of delegation, both for team members and the leader. Create a schedule where everyone should be able to thrive and focus. 

Learning to Prioritize

When leaders can determine which tasks should take precedence over others, they are able to delegate effectively. Knowing which tasks can be delegated to which team member is also an important part of delegation. The Urgent vs. Important Matrix is a good tool in categorizing which tasks are more critical. Remember that leaders are examples to their team members; members will understand which duties have to be fulfilled first via the leaders’ directions.

Empowered Employees

Employees feel empowered when they’re assigned to take on work that brings them out of their comfort zone. It creates a sense of significance and re-establishes their place on a team. Such delegation, partnered with guidance and trust, can really contribute to the growth of a team member.

The tasks to be passed on depends on the industry. Delegating tasks related to project management (writing a project proposal) and client relations (gathering client data ahead of a meeting) will boost an employee’s engagement. Keep in mind that the success of a leader lies in the progress of their coworkers.

Increased Competence

The best effect a leader’s delegation has among team members is achieving new skills in areas they haven’t delved into before. Entrusting responsibilities and work allows an employee to be more confident in their competencies. The discovery of their new skills can be developed and honed as they continue their tasks.

This doesn’t mean a leader will be slacking off and delegating every task to their colleagues, of course. Leaders are in charge of providing supervision and help to a member of the team when they need it, especially when it comes to skills they’re already well-versed in. When a task may prove to be too difficult for one person, leaders should assist them or delegate it to someone more experienced.


It can take experience and time to be able to have a delegating leadership style. Several courses are available to help any team head in their journey of leading a unit. The key here is to sign up for a course that will help you become a more effective leader through proper delegation. 

If you’re searching for a delegation course, look no further. Skill Builder Pro is a personal development training platform with over 300 online courses that aim to help you with your job and soft skills. Learn new skills and refresh what you know by buying the program today!



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