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4 Crucial Soft Skills For 2021 and How to Develop Them

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Highly educated professionals usually have their hard skills and technical proficiencies in hand. While that might be the case for many, this does not attest to them being equipped with the proper soft skills to maintain a healthy work environment. A well-rounded worker also needs to have the intangible, non-technical abilities that ensure effective communication and healthy relationships with co-workers.

Soft skills usually include problem-solving, analytical thinking, work ethic, time management, networking, motivation, and many more. Demonstrating your soft skill strengths will make a significant impact whether you’re hoping for a promotion or you’re on the job hunt.

The Importance of Soft Skills in This Age

Recruiters and employers have always valued soft skills. As the world slowly moves forward in the new year, and as the nature of work continues to change and evolve, skills such as innovation, adaptability, and emotional intelligence are more critical than ever.

Here are the eight soft skills all professionals must master to succeed in 2021 and the post-pandemic workplace:

1. Adaptability

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly all workers in all industries. The working landscape has changed tremendously and will continue to change as brands and companies continue to adjust and find their footing. Change happens quickly, and employees on all levels need to be as adaptable as possible.

Suppose you are resistant to change or you struggle to adjust to new environments. In that case, it can be tricky to move forward, whether in your current company or if you’re looking for new employment. Those who show the greatest ability to adjust and be flexible will have no trouble finding and maintaining jobs.

Train yourself to be more flexible by letting go of the idea that “this is how it’s always done.” Don’t be intimidated by major change—instead, think of it as a way to learn and grow! Encourage your open-mindedness and embrace learning.

2. Innovation

Creative thinking and innovation have been the saving graces of businesses in this pandemic. You need quick thinking and rich imagination to find solutions for problems you’ve never had to face before. In the face of pressure, human ingenuity can still prevail.

Innovation is not a skill limited to the rare genius visionary. Innovation is something you can practice—a muscle you can develop. If you’re confident in your abilities, you can fearlessly generate new ideas and put them into action.


For many businesses, it’s been an all-hands-on-deck approach to make it through 2020 and beyond. Working towards a common goal and a sense of belonging is the foundation of teamwork, a soft skill that is crucial for success.

To be a good team player, you need to put the work before your ego. You need to share your resources, encourage your teammates, and keep a positive attitude. An excellent team player is reliable and respectful, and is an active listener, to boot.

4. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Empathy and emotional connection is an underrated skill to have in the workplace. The truth is that the personal interacts with the professional, more so now than ever before. Emotional intelligence is key to success because it helps you guide and support your team members in the way that they need.

People with high emotional intelligence are very self-aware and empathetic. If you feel you need to improve your EQ, evaluate yourself and how you react to others around you. Try to be more accepting of other people’s needs.


As you and your business gear up for the year, it’s worth cultivating and developing your soft skills. Adaptability, innovativity, teamwork, and empathy are crucial skills whether you’re part of a team or looking for a place in one. More challenges will be faced in 2021, and your soft skills will help you get through.

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