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How to Upskill With Transformative Learning and Online Courses

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The digital age has transformed how people communicate, do work, innovate, and ultimately succeed. Technology drives the way products are made, and the software people interact with daily makes accessing those products so much easier, whether it’s financial products, shoes, or even cars. 

Creating new products with all the advancements in software and hardware today is a continuous process. One of the best examples is the constant innovation in gadgets like the iPhone, where hardware and software are upgraded every year. 

These leaps and bounds in innovation and advancement are only possible through continuous and transformative learning in the current workforce. Today’s adults are expected to learn and adapt more than the adults of previous generations, simply because today’s working landscape is constantly shifting. By using tools such as online courses on how to become a better learner, employers can start equipping their employees with the necessary skills to keep up. 

The Importance of Transformative Theory

Transformative learning, as a theory, assumes that the process of transforming one’s perspective takes place in three ways: psychologically, convictionally, and behaviorally. A rational and analytical process, it is meant to expand the consciousness from a person’s worldview by critically changing their assumptions and beliefs. Starting with what an individual has acquired from prior learning, they must question it before stepping out to implement plans that will shape the world. 

Learning to negotiate meanings and values critically and rationally rather than accepting social realities passively is the only way for adults to learn in transformative ways. 

Learning to Be Disruptive

The education people receive as they develop from childhood to adulthood largely shapes their reality and how they are socialized. Encouraging radical shifts in thinking and behavior in team and management settings will require more than just new processes. Changing the way adults learn is the necessary first step. Although experiential learning would be the most ideal, the limitations of the pandemic have made online learning extremely valuable. 

Employers can opt to have employees go through online courses on change management to encourage learning and coping with change in the ever-evolving work landscape.

Scrum and Transformational Learning

Most people entering the workforce are thirsty for learning opportunities to create a more sustainable future. As an agile framework, scrum is experiential learning by nature since it encourages teams to learn from each other to become cross-functional. Those struggling to adjust to this agile mindset can benefit greatly from a collaboration online course to learn how to share knowledge more effectively with others from different teams. Upskilling the workforce comes from cross-functional learning setups to promote an organization that is continuously learning. 

Developing Agile Organizations 

The upskilling of the workforce in a short period isn’t something that can be done by design, but through development. However, the absence of a concrete plan highlights the need for flexible learning, new behaviors, and continuous upskilling to keep up with the tide. 


Never has a premium been placed so much on continuous learning like it has today. The demands of the world are too fast-paced to settle into one knowledge paradigm. With the only constant being change, employers are challenged with keeping their workforce flexible, cross-functional, continuously learning, and developing rapidly. 

Investing in non-traditional learning methods like online courses is one way to speed up the learning process, putting responsibility in the employee’s hands. With the learning fundamentals well-established, organizational development teams can focus on creating more agile teams who can contribute to cross-team learning functions and the transformative growth of the organization as a whole. 

Here at Skill Builder Pro, we offer a personal development training platform with over 300 online courses for your needs. From a communication strategies online course to coaching and mentoring, you can control your continuous learning. Search our course offerings and sign up for a membership today!



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