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4 Ways to Build Professional Connections Through Networking

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People who want to improve in their career paths will need a reliable resume that offers their accomplishments and work experience to impress employers and recruiters. Besides that, they will also have to learn how to network properly to find better job opportunities to bolster it even further!

Networking is an excellent solution to build connections. You get to engage with fellow job seekers and employees and offer each other your contact information for future purposes. Keep reading below to find out how to start developing professional relationships and benefit from your contacts.

Establish a Firm Game Plan

Before you throw yourself out there, it would help if you learned to prepare for the event so that you don’t become overwhelmed once you’re faced with people who all want to talk and get to know you. By devising a game plan, it can boost your confidence because you know why you’re building your network.

At the same time, you also need to have realistic goals and avoid setting your expectations too high to avoid feeling defeated when you don’t accomplish them as you thought. You can start by connecting with other people or by looking for new job positions. If you know anyone reputable who will be present at the event, you should strive to introduce yourself to them. 

Practice Your Strategy

After finalizing your objectives for the upcoming networking event, you need to start practicing for it as if you’re attending a job interview to avoid spacing out or forgetting what you want to say. To prevent having awkward gaps in a conversation, you can draft some questions before the program to initiate a better turn-out of your discussions.

Asking relevant questions about other people prevents the conversation from becoming dull while maintaining the image that you want to continue genuinely learning about them. You can ask how they found out about the event, what they like the most about their current job, and what their other interests are, among other things. 

Dress for the Part

You want people’s first impression of you to be a lasting one, so learn how to dress up nicely. Since your appearance is what they first notice, wearing professional attire can attract potential connections to come up to you and introduce themselves.

Putting on a business casual outfit will make you look well-presented because you care enough to pick your clothes instead of throwing on the first thing you see from your closet. If you want to brush up on your manners, you can also attend a business etiquette online course to prepare you for your big day.   

Be a Good Listener

Aside from having the motive to establish connections, you should also learn to give the floor to the person you’re talking to and allow them to speak while you listen attentively. Giving them a chance to express themselves helps you understand if you have the same aspirations and interests as the person you’re talking to.

If, by any chance, you do share specific similarities with them, they will remember you better, and you can guarantee they will reach out to you after the event. Don’t forget to be truthful and sincere because, more often than not, people can tell if you’re lying and just trying to put on an act.


It’s normal to feel nervous whenever you attend networking events, especially if it’s your first time. But that shouldn’t stop you from believing that you have what it takes to create meaningful connections. Before heading to the event, remember to develop a game plan, practice your strategy, dress appropriately, and be an excellent listener to increase the possibility of meeting like-minded people and discovering amazing job opportunities.

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