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3 Business Etiquette Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

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You need to have proper business etiquette at all times as a business owner. It is your prerogative because you want to maintain professionalism while presenting yourself positively to your clients, stakeholders, and other business owners. That way, you can keep your professional reputation to ensure that your business is booming. 

But what exactly is business etiquette? This article will provide you with three common mistakes that you should avoid as a way for you to understand what it means to maintain professional business etiquette. Take this as an opportunity to build your career as a prominent business owner. 

  • Being overly familiar 

Geoffrey Chaucer once said, “familiarity breeds contempt,” and the same can be displayed in any business setting. That is because being overly familiar in a business setting can be negatively perceived. 

For instance, you may be seen as unserious or aloof about your career, meaning that you are not worth anyone’s time and money. Overfamiliarity can also influence the people around you to become unproductive and careless during operations, meetings, and other important events. 

As such, keep your relationships strictly professional, especially during business hours. Doing so will enable you to maintain productive relationships and keep to your responsibilities. That way, you can reach all your goals and look forward to other ventures through other clients and stakeholders. 

  • Having poor presentation skills

Presentations are a staple in any business setting due to the necessity of collaboration and being duly oriented in all recent developments. The stakes are even higher for you as the business owner because you are tasked with leading many important events, like monthly meetings and year-end reports.

If you have poor presentation skills, there will be disinterest in what you are saying. Your employees and stakeholders may also question your legitimacy in the business industry. It can even negatively impact your business’s growth and financial performance. 

One of the best ways you can develop your presentation skills is to practice and prepare in advance. You can also take online courses that will help you gain a better understanding of social skills. Through this, you can build your confidence and become a competent leader for your business. You can also develop your reputable presence as other companies seek you out for collaborations and investment opportunities. 

  • Being late and unkempt 

You can easily be perceived as unprofessional when you show up late for business meetings, and even more so if you show up in casual attire. There will be a general disinterest in your presence because you are sending everyone the wrong impression. You are telling everyone, “Why should you care about my business? Look at me; I don’t even care.”

To avoid tardiness, remember to plan out your day and take note of important events. You may also want to respectfully decline if you cannot make it to show courtesy to others. You should also keep a fresh set of clothes in your office to ensure that you are in proper attire if you forget to dress up for an important business event. Through these habits, you can maintain your professionalism as a business owner and earn the respect of everyone around you. 


Business etiquette is a multi-layered discipline to perfect as a business owner, and you need to learn more about it. Fortunately, you now have some ideas about what you should avoid. Continue learning more about business etiquette to maintain your reputable image in your chosen industry. 

Skill Builder Pro can provide you with a professional business etiquette online course to build rapport with valuable clients. We can also provide you with other business online courses to further your career. Invest in yourself today to empower your future business ventures.



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